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Drawing Connections, Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival May 2018 - 13 trails, 200 houses, 1000+ artists

This piece of work was made collaboratively with Nicola Saunderson. It explores the human relationship to non-places by creating collages that change continuously in response to the place where they are installed.

Drawing Connections is a group of 20+ artists who have chosen to work collaboratively using drawing to challenge their individual practices and study how artists communicate and collaborate.

JELLY #2, Burham Church, Burham, Rochester, April 2018

Artists Claire Manning, Elizabeth Burman, Karen Crosby and Ruth Payne showed a series of collaboratively made huge scrolls and the individual work inspired by them.

The scrolls explore what happens when people work closely to make something together. It's partly about the end product but more concerned with how it altered the work of individual artists and the incidental conversations that took place as people relaxed.

JELLY, the Pie Factory, Margate, November 2017

I showed a number of pieces from the series the trick is to keep breathing alongside work by Elizabeth Burman, Karen Crosby and Ruth Payne


The scrolls were made mainly by the four artists but recently members of the public have contributed too. Add your own scribbles, writings, doodles, drawings or collage to this growing body of work which will be continuing its travels and reiterations over the next year. Have your name included in the list of participants or remain anonymous as you wish.

Link to JELLY


Touching the Void, CRATE Studios, 1 Bilton Square, Margate, CT9 1EE, August 2017

My film In search of the unreal n.01 was shown in this exhibition. This piece investigates edgelands and non-places using distortion and collaging to explore the emotional potential of these non-utopian spaces.

This exhibition showed eight artists whose work reflects on our digital future and the ways in which it could impact on everyday life. this event was part of the Margate Festival.


On Our Way to where?, Drawing Connections, hARTslane, New Cross Gate, London SE14 5UP, September & October 2016

I showed the piece (right) made collaboratively with fellow artist Nicola Saunderson - an experimentation in drawing with film. Below - still from my film.

Part of Deptford X Fringe & Artlicks Weekend
More about the show and this piece of collaborative work...

(Un)truth, Ideas Test, 34 High Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4PB, 2nd June 2016

Showed In search of the unreal n.02 at this screening event together with films by Karen Crosby, Deborah Humm, Ben Hunt, Ruth Payne, Asli Shehi, Catherine Sibley, Linda Simon.

Art Market, Market Hall, Maidstone, 17th September 2016

TIME, Making Art Work, Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1LH, May / June 2016


Analogue Ensemble’s Live Film and Performance Night, Whitstable Biennale Satellite, The New Inn, Whitstable, 9th June 2016

In search of the unreal n.02 was shown at this screening alongside films by 8 other artists including Nicky Hamlyn, Vicky Smith and Cathy Rogers. 'Mesmerising', 'images that linger', 'painterly' - some of the feedback from the audience about my film.

Image by Cathy Rogers

A-N featured my blog and this still from In search of the unreal n.01 on their twitter page in april 2016


Axisweb selected this piece of work in #Five2Watch - Collage, January 2016


Art Market, Market Hall, Maidstone, 19th September 2015

Showed work with 80 other selected artists in Maidstone's very first Art Market.

Are you a Doctor, Sir? A work by Sharon Kivland, published online ( 3:AM MAGAZINE) and also available as a vinyl record

The first time I've taken part in a performance piece. The work was developed by Sharon Kivland and it vocalises 4 case histories from Sigmund Freud's Studies on Hysteria, channelling them via the singular uniqueness of 32 modern-day female voices. Mine was one of these 32 voices. More...

.MOV, Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, 25th July 2015

Two of my short films were screened at thisThreads event - early versions of In the minds-eye n.01 and In search of the unreal n.01. This moving image night showcased film work - short film documentaries through to conceptual moving image pieces.

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition 2015, Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, London, 4th July 2015

I showed 2 prints in this vibrant and diverse exhibition of affordable art.

Summer Salon 2015, Islington Arts Factory, London, 12th June to 3rd July 2015

Here are the 3 collages installed in this salon style hang show.

Performance. Movement. Sound., Digital exhibition by Gallery202, June 2015

A short, 3 minute, work in progress version of what eventually turned into In search of the unreal n.01 was shown in this curated online exhibition.

The Other Side of Here

Second festival: Maison de l'Art et de la Communication, the Institut Universitaire de Technology de Lens and the Futur Café du Projet, France, 26th to 28th March 2015
First festival: Pop Creative Space, Chatham, 10th, 11th and 12th October 2014

An early, work in progress version of my short film, In the minds eye n.01, was shown alongside a wide range of work by other artists including Turner Prize winner and Jarman Award nominee Laure Prouvost.

The Other side of Here offered an extensive programme of screenings, installations, exhibitions, talks, and events featuring emerging and established artist film makers from the UK and France, exploring and celebrating moving image beyond the single screen. In its first iteration in 2014, the festival extended the traditional art experience by showing work in non-traditional art spaces, museums and galleries throughout the Medway area. The festival ran again in France from 26th to 28th March 2015.

Stitched Time

Shown at the Folkestone Quarterhouse, Folkestone, 3rd to 7th March 2015

Shown at Limbo, Margate, 14th to 23rd November 2014

This was the first time I'd worked alongside a group of others to deliver a shared-making project.

The project was devised and led by artist Clare Smith. I was one of 7 artists who helped produce the work for Clare's show. I contributed to the accomapnying zine, and I also appear in films documenting the project. The small group of female artists, all wearing white overalls, worked together over several days to stitch 10 Chinese rice paper scrolls in a former tent and tarpaulin factory in Dover. This collective making generated a community where shared experiences and dialogues formed around a common purpose. It resulted in an exhibition at Limbo, Margate, in November 2014. It toured to Folkestone in March 2015 as part of WOW Folkestone, an event celebrating 'the incredible achievements of women and girls' and examined 'the most potent topics for women today'.

The Stitched Time exhibition launched on the evening of Monday 2nd March 2015 with a conversation entitled Empowering the Individual through the Collective hosted by Clare Smith and Joanna Jones as artist directors of Dover Arts Development.

The Stitched Time Installation, produced and curated by Clare Smith, is a shared-making project with artists Gwen Hedley, Rosie James, Joanna Jones, Claire Manning, Ruth Payne, Linda Simon, Bev Williams and Clare Smith.

Clare Smith's website
The Stitched Time website
Exhibition review

Image by Clare Smith

Stack, Digital exhibition, Gallery202, December 2014

Curators Sharon Read and Bethany Murray selected a piece of work from the collage abuse series for this online exhibition.

Gallery202, a contemporary artist-led non-profit initiative who specialise in exhibiting dynamic and diverse ranges of contemporary art in unconventional spaces. Work was selected to ' respond to a broad notion of Stack: (noun) heaped pile of things, large number, large pile of things stored outdoors, chimney or chimneys, aircraft waiting to land, rocky pillar rising from coastal waters, list in a computer memory, arrangement of firearms, measurement for coal or wood, (plural) stacks, book storage in a library, (verb) stack, put or to be put in organised pile, put things on shelf, manipulate unethically, fly or to keep aircraft in stack.'

Exhibiting artists:
Nicola Joanne Carter, Eric Adama, Sam Flyn, Sarah Carr, Jenny Core, Robert Moon, Kerry Jones, Brian Korteling, Jill Hedges, Warren Shaw, Alban Low and Juan María Solare, Jereme Crow, Alan Greenwell, Susana Lopez F, Tarot Couzyn, Ruth Boddington, Claire Manning, Susan Plover, Tony Rickaby

VideoFocus, Interview by Stigmart10, November 2014

I was interviewed by Stigmart10 in their online magazine for a special edition called VideoFocus covering experimental cinema, videography and documentary work.

Response, Making Art Work, Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery, St Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1LH, 8th to 29th November 2014

I showned this mixed media piece, responding to the collection in the museum by using a painting by Petrus Schotanus to inspire a modern-day Vanitas piece.

This close-up shot of my work publicised the show in WOW magazine's November 2014 issue.

Repetition, RECURSIVE, No Format Gallery, London, 9th October to 2nd November 2014

Two small pieces of my work appeared in this group exhibition, an adjunct of A5 works shown alongside the main RECURSIVE show. Images...

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition 2014, Bond House Gallery, London, 2014

I showed 2 experimental folded pieces in this show. Images...

Open Projector Night, Making Art Work, The Bowerhouse, Maidstone, 2014

I showed an early version of work that led eventually to In the mind's-eye n.01.

On Tap, Making Art Work, Brewery Tap Gallery, Folkestone, 2014

I showed To Fold n.02 from the collage abuse series in this exhibition. Images... A picture of the piece featured in the Axis members newsletter advertising this event.

Timeslip, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath, 2014

An early version of a film that led eventually to In the mind's-eye n.01 appeared in this show. Exhibition catalogue / text.

Tension, Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent, 2014

I was invited to show In the shadow of her gaze n.02 in this exhibition - a group show of 9 artists curated by Franny Swann, Rosalind Barker, and Sue Evans featuring work responding to the notion of tension. More about the show. Images...

Share and exchange exhibition, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, London, 2014

I showed a piece of work in this group exhibition.

S.I.T.E., CCW Alumni Show 2013, Chelsea Collage of Arts, London, 2014

I was invited to show In the shadow of her gaze n.02 in this CCW alumni exhibition, which featured work selected from Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon’s 2013 graduation shows. Accompanying text.

Object Abuse, Spinach, London, 2013

I showed one piece of work in this exhibition. It turned out to be an important turning point for me and led eventually to the collage abuse series.

SHIFT, Making Art Work, The Bowerhouse, Maidstone, 2013

I showed In the shadow of her gaze n.02 in this group exhibition in an alternative, quite gritty, venue. Images...

In the Shadow of Her Gaze, MA fine art graduation show, University of the Arts London, 2013

In the shadow of her gaze n.01 and n.02 were developed for this show as a site specific response to the exhibition space. They are the final work from my M.A. at UAL. Film...

Maidinski project, St Faith's Church, Maidstone, 2013

This was an international collaboration which led eventually to projecting a piece of my work in billboard size on the side of St Faith's Church.

The project was a collaboration between Making Art Work's public art exchange with Tallinn and Helsinki and RIBA's Love Architecture.

M.A. pop-up exhibition, University of the Arts London, 2013

I showed work as part of this exhibition alongside other M.A students. Images...

Share and exchange exhibition, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, London, 2013

I showed a piece of work in this group exhibition. Accompanying text...

Red, Making Art Work, Union Street, Maidstone, 2012

I showed a piece in this selected exhibition themed around the colour red. Images...

Text, Making Art Work, Union Street, Maidstone, 2012

I exhibited this large wall-based experimental piece of work in this launch exhibition for artists' co-operative Making Art Work. Images...

Shoes, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, London, 2012

I showed this sculpture. Accompanying text...

E17 Art Trail, London, 2012

Some of my framed collages featured in this annual arts trail.

All at Sea, Pie Factory, Margate, 2012

My work was included in this group show where artists were asked to re-imagine the physical and metaphorical spaces of the sea by curator Caro Fenice. Images...

Memoria Technica, Nunnery Gallery, London, 2012

Here's an installation shot of the 4 collages in this group show by Wimbledon M.A. students, curated by Christina Millare, RCA.

I's, Shes, Hers, Ours, The Gallery, London, 2011

I showed a sculpture in this group exhibition arranged and curated by 73women.

Battle Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition, Battle, 2010

I showed some of the large sculptures from my B.A. graduation show as part of this exhibition.

Neither Use nor Ornament, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, 2010

I exhibited 3 sculptures in this group show curated by Caro Fenice.

Graduation Show, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, 2010

Graduation work from my B.A. course at Canterbury. The image shows the (rather) destructive de-installation of part of this work!