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The collage abuse series explores how collage can be made. Each piece suffers a different type of abuse, so it might be eroded, sliced or perhaps excavated. This affects how the materials are handled, and traditional use of glue is abandoned in favour of temporary fixings such as clips leaving each piece at risk of coming undone.

montaged woman series

Sophia Delia Bette
Elaine Madge Jean
Lena Ruth Binnie

Each piece is a limited edition of 12 printed on Somerset paper using Epson Ultrachrome inks, 26cms x 26cms, unframed

Montaged prints exploring how images of women are portrayed in the mass media. Each montage is made from two different images – a actress’s black and white publicity postcard from the twentieth century paired with a ‘twin’ in a similar posture sourced from a contemporary fashion magazine. On the face of it, the pictures are passive – idealised perfection – but there's a hint of resistance hovering in the background. I fracture the images – make their refusal to conform manifest – before re-combining them in collaged collaboration.


collage abuse series

animated collage

In the minds-eye n.01 (extract), 2016, digital film, 5 minutes 23 seconds long

This piece uses animation to create a collage over time, fracturing viewing into a series of small slices that gradually reveals the whole.