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This series of work uses film to investigate edgelands and non-places.

Both films feature train journeys. Non-space sites of transport such as railways proliferate in the modern world offering non-Utopian mini-worlds of ‘inhuman conditions’ ‘surrendered to solitary individuality, to the fleeting, the temporary and ephemeral’.(1)

Techniques of distortion and collaging explore the emotional potential of these non-utopian spaces. Footage fractures into a series of disrupted, distorted and uncertain perspectives. Reassembled into a new order disparate events are forced together to interrupt each other. Time is distorted and images haunt those that go before. This disturbed reality allows space for new possibilities to seep through, creating a world poised between beauty and dystopia.

Stills from the films have been made into a series of 12 prints

1 Marc Augé, ‘Non-Places’, 2008, p.63, p.90

In search of the unreal n.01 (extract), 2016, digital film, 6 minutes 2 seconds long

In search of the unreal n.02, 2016, digital film, 6 minutes 20 seconds long



Limited edition prints available for purchase: