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C.V.Interview: Stigmart10 VideoFocus, 2014 M.A. practice, 2011 to 2013 Blog Inspiration

I make collages that may only fully and completely exist in the minds-eye of the observer. These constructions are held loosely in place, folded temporarily or built-up using drawing, assemblage, installation, film, or print. I work with appropriated materials and with non-places that feel overlooked, abandoned and lost.

I collect disparate fragments from different sources and reconstruct them into something new to produce ephemeral possibilities that contain a hint of truth. What I make investigates issues relating to identity, power, control and desire, and explores how vulnerable fixed ideas are to subversion.

The trick is to keep breathing investigates intense personal experiences by constructing drawings using words. Phrases repeat, voiced so many times they eventually become meaningless and lose their power.

Another series of work uses non-traditional construction methods to make collages exploring how women are portrayed in the mass media. Each pairs an old postcard with an image from a contemporary fashion magazine to produce a hybrid ‘Other’ picture of womanhood. Superficially they offer the passive perfection of theatrical stills but they resist my patriarchally-based gaze to deliver faces that are never intact, re-siting the experience of viewing in castration and anxiety.

In search of the unreal uses film to investigate edgelands and non-places using distortion and collaging to explore the potential of these non-utopian spaces. The final footage offers disrupted, fragmented views of different places displaced from where they belong and re-constructed into a montage of shifting views. Disparate events are forced together to offer the vision of a world poised between beauty and dystopia.