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Each drawing is constructed from words repeated multiple times. They shape the forms that intertwine across the paper. These words may be mine or, if a piece is commissioned, yours, reminders of a special memory or event or a personal message to a loved one. The text used gives each piece its title.

This work explores intense personal experiences and emotional events that happened to me when a long term relationship broke down. They are built up in separate layers of intense colour, pattern and form. Each piece offers obscured revelations. Phrases repeat like a mantra but are voiced so many times they eventually become meaningless and lose their power. They writhe across the page trapped in organic forms that are in never-ending motion, built up like layers of sediment. Bursts of colour are anchored in darkness. The results may be fixed – trapped on the page – but they also have an impermanence that means they will fade with time.

A2 and A4 original drawings on cotton rag paper using a combination of collage, Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor, Sharpie Permanent Markers and Pen-touch silver / argent plata.

Selected drawings from this series can be bought from Artfinder. Contact me to commission a piece using words and colours you choose.

Installation shots, JELLY, the Pie Factory, Margate, November 2017

The scrolls to the left are collaborative work made by myself, Karen Crosby, Elizabeth Burman and Ruth Payne.